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Feb 1, 2020

About the Charity

K. M. Sonawala Charitable Trust, a 25 year old organisation, is engaged in promoting education and self sustaining activities for tribal girls. 'Shabri Chatralaya', located at Kaprada village (Dharampur District, Gujarat) is a hostel made especially for tribal girls where opportunities for education are made available for girls from numerous villages around Kaprada. Thanks to this education the girls have grown in confidence and have learnt to fend for themselves, have become independent and can now manage their lives and hence their families a lot better. Education has given them an opportunity to improve all aspects of their lives. At present the hostel accommodates over 130 girls from 8th to 12th grade. These girls come from over 65 villages around Kaprada Taluka. However there are 140 more villages across the Taluka which they are unable to serve due to limited infrastructure in the hostel.

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YVO Impact

YVO channelized donation received for the month of October 2015 towards equipping 'Shabri Chatralaya' with library equipment which includes cupboards and racks, a collection of books and 2 computers to equip them with e-books and help maintain library book keeping. YVO also helped 'Shabri Chatralaya' expand their kitchen infrastructure by donating kitchen equipments for their hostel which include storage racks, storage equipment and stainless steel dish holding racks. Kitchen and Library Infrastructure for Tribal Girls Hostel - This library and kitchen infrastructure setup with your Rs.300 will impact the lives of 130+ tribal girls living in this hostel and contribute towards making them independent because of education they receive with the support of this hostel facility.