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Jan 19, 2021

About the Charity

Thinksharp Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2011 with a vision "To bridge the Rural-Urban education divide". 67% of the Indian population lives in rural areas. This rural population consists of 19.66 crore school going children (1st to 8th Std), out of which 14.65 crore are enrolled in rural schools. Despite the high enrolment ratio, there is a huge disparity in the quality of education provided. This is largely due to poor educational infrastructure and a lack of resources. Only 41% rural schools have a computer and only 57% have electricity. Therefore, there is a high dropout rate in higher secondary education. Further, the students who continue in the schools are not even as nearly equipped as their urban counterparts. ThinkSharp provides modern learning tools in rural schools and financial support to disadvantaged children. It works with school authorities and villagers to create a progressive learning environment in the schools and the community at large.

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YVO Impact

The StudyMall project improves the quality of rural education by giving access to better educational infrastructure such as digital learning tools, libraries and other educational resources for children and teachers. StudyMall offers Digital Class with tools such as Windows/Android Projector, Computers, Multimedia content and power backup through UPS or solar energy. Capsule Libraries with poems, stories, environment, science and general knowledge books encourage a passion for reading. Alongside, there are workshops on digital literacy and educational guidance. Running a StudyMall in school requires the involvement and participation of all stakeholders including teachers, school authorities, government officials and the village community. ThinkSharp sets up and maintains the StudyMalls, however, day-to- day running is entrusted to teachers and school authorities. There are monthly follow-ups and a visit to each centre is carried out once or twice a year. Computer Mitra is a program for digital literacy where laptops are provided along with training. The trainers provide personal attention to the students and teachers. Till date, more than 9000 students have benefitted from StudyMalls in 51 rural schools across 49 villages in Maharashtra.