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Feb 1, 2020

About the Charity

According to NSSO 2002 survey report, there are over 3.1 million Deaf in India and 22000 deaf babies adding to this number every year and yet less than 0.1% NGOs supports the cause of the Deaf. To address this issue, DEEDS (Development Education Empowerment of The Disadvantaged in Society) Public Charitable Trust was established in 2003 in Mumbai to make a dedicated attempt to empower the deaf and provide a platform for their education, vocational training and work towards their empowerment to make them financially self-reliant contributors in the main stream society. DEEDS established the first ever Catering Institute for the deaf in India in the year 2007 at Versova (Mumbai). It offers a one year certificate course in cookery and commercial food production to the deaf, free of cost, which makes them eligible for jobs in the hospitality industry. The successful students are then placed for industry training in hotel kitchens with the Taj Group, ITC and J W Marriott Hotels. As a part of this initiative, YVO channelized one half of the donation received for the month of August 2015 towards equipping DEEDS' Catering Institute with 25 full sets of pots and pans for the deaf students and a refrigerator which will enable them to take up more baking courses.

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YVO Impact

In 2008, DEEDS setup a Tailoring Institute in LTMG (Deaf School) at Wadala (Mumbai) to provide basic training in tailoring skills to the Deaf students enabling them to take it up as a subject in the SSC Board exams. The students are taught basic skills in stitching, embroidery, cutting & drafting. At the end of the course they are able to stitch any garment fully. YVO channelized the other half of the donation received for the month of August 2015 towards equipping this Tailoring Institute with 7 foot pedal sewing machines to impart vocational training. Financial Independence for the Deaf - These equipments bought with your Rs.300 will help shape the lives of about 25 deaf students at the Catering Institute every year & 40 students at the Tailoring Institute every year which will translate into hundreds of deaf becoming financially independent with this donation over a period of time.