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Feb 1, 2020

About the Charity

Vidyarthi Sahayyak Samiti (VSS) is a Non-Government and Non-Profit Organization with the sole objective of providing homely and conducive atmosphere to deprived and meritorious students. VSS was started in 1971 by Prof. Madhukar D. Uplenchwar with the help of some generous groups of people to provide assistance to educationally deprived boys & girls. Their motto is “Motivation of students for human excellence” The purpose of VSS is to reach bright students in remote places who are not able to continue their education due to lack of resources. VSS has a lot of stories of students who are now highly qualified and working at different places. The past students of VSS have opened hostels at 4 different places in Maharashtra. This is one of their best achievements and a matter of immense pride and satisfaction.

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YVO Impact

Girls Hostel In and around Satefal, many girls are not able to get quality higher education due to unfavourable conditions like safe accommodation, healthy meals and distance of the school from their native places. Currently the girl’s hostel consists of only 2 rooms, originally built for teachers, which can accommodate upto 32 girls. There is a requirement to accommodate atleast 40 more girls in the hostel. VSS plans to take responsibility of the marriage of these girls if the parents are too poor thereby giving them this relief. They also plan to make the girls self earning if they do not get a job. All these achievements will be possible if they have a separate building for girls. YVO’s contribution to Vidyarthi Sahayyak Samiti: The cost of building the additional 4 rooms along with toilets, bathrooms and a washing room is Rs.20 Lacs. YVO intends to channelize the donation received for December 2019 to partially fund this project. YVO has previously donated to VSS in November 2018. Our post donation audit yielded very positive results which is why we are doing a repeat donation.