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Feb 1, 2020

About the Charity

Helpers of the Handicapped' is a Not-For-Profit organization based in Kolhapur working for empowering persons with disabilities through medical aid (corrective surgery and physiotherapy), aids & appliances, educational aid, vocational training, hostel facility (stay, food, transportation), encouragement in sports, arts and other personality development ventures. They work with a vision of making people with disabilities productive and self-supportive citizens, leading fuller lives with dignity and in the last 3 decades, they have supported over 23,000 people with disabilities. In 2000, 'Helpers of the Handicapped' established an inclusive non-aided, Marathi medium co-ed school at Unchgaon, Kolhapur called 'Samarth Vidya Mandir'. At present there are about 593 physically challenged and able bodied boys and girls from economically backward rural areas of Unchgaon and Mudshingi studying there from Class I to Class X. Barrier free disabled friendly infrastructure, special furniture designed to their needs, hostel-cum-rehab facility, education and all related facilities are provided free of cost for disabled students.

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YVO Impact

Special coaching is required particularly for subjects like Science, Maths and IT beyond school hours. As a part of this initiative, YVO channelized the donation received for the month of June 2015 towards equipping teachers of Samarth Vidya Mandir with 4 laptops for their Science, Maths & IT departments. These laptops would have supporting educational material which would be used by Teachers who frequently visit the hostel and the community hall for special coaching. These laptops bought with your Rs.300 will help shape the lives of about 170 students with physical and learning disability, including those from Phase Paradhi (socially disadvantaged) community, residing in the hostels or their own homes in the proximity of the school and benefit all the 593 students during their in class trainings.