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Feb 1, 2020

About the Charity

Thinksharp Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2011 with a vision to bridge the Rural-Urban education divide. They believe that every child has a right for better education. They should have the opportunity to access the education they deserve. Their mission is to improve the quality of rural education in schools and after schools hours by providing access to better educational infrastructure including digital tools, library, games, financial support and creating a progressive and positive learning environment by working with the village community, teachers, government and other stakeholders. ThinkSharp Foundation has setup StudyMall in 20 rural schools in 20 villages of Maharashtra which has already benefited more than 4000 children and 80 teachers. In FY 19 they target to reach another 25 schools in 25 different villages in Maharashtra. The StudyMall program aims to bridge the educational infrastructure gap. Under the StudyMall program, they set up a DIGITAL CLASS and LIBRARY in rural schools. Digital content due to its interactive nature makes learning concepts easy to grasp. It will help to improve learning outcomes and academic performance. Digital way of learning helps teachers to teach in a more demonstrative and effective manner. Library with its engaging, colourful books and rich content instils a love of reading and improves reading skills.

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YVO Impact

Their aim is to increase children's interest in education, their better engagement in school, after school engagement in learning activities, improving their learning outcomes, prevent school dropouts from secondary school education and make them ready for 21th century education. They want to reach each rural part in India where accessibility and quality of education needs improvement. The cost to setup the Digital Class and Library under the StudyMall program is approximately Rs.80000 per school amounting to Rs.6.4 Lacs for 8 schools. YVO has channelized the funds received for September 2018 towards this initiative. YVO channelized the donation of Rs.118800 received for November 2015 towards helping 'ThinkSharp' setup a 'Study Mall' at Vangani by giving 15 tablets for e-learning, a projector, 500 books, 5 book racks, and various art and craft items. Our audit thereon yielded positive feedback.