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Feb 1, 2020

About the Charity

The ANT works directly for village development in Chirang District of Bodoland in Lower Assam. At another level, it works with other NGOs to build up the voluntary sector in the northeast region. The ANT was started on 13 October 2000 by Sunil Kaul and Jennifer Liang who were supported by (Late) Sh. Ravindranath Upadhyay, a reputed Gandhian of the Sarvodaya Movement who had worked in remote villages of Assam for over 40 years. The ANT celebrates the fact that size is not everything and quite like ants, one can be small and yet be hardworking and very effective. It believes that like ants, one can overcome great obstacles if one perseveres united.

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YVO Impact

They focus on bettering lives of the poorest and disadvantaged sections of the north-eastern region of India. It works directly for holistic development of children, youth, women, farmers, mentally ill patients & those affected by ethnic conflicts in over 250 villages in Chirang District of Bodoland. Its strategies include forming women's collectives, giving village children development and learning opportunities through sports, active science classes etc.; promoting cross-community interactions and nurturing safe spaces for non-violent conflict resolution; promoting livelihoods which are safe and sustainable and also running a community mental health programme. Apart from its direct village work, The ANT has also started a weaving organisation called "aagor" which gives work to over 140 women weavers. It runs a training centre for building up capacities of other NGOs in Assam and other northeast states. It also runs a Craft Trust in Bangalore to promote a positive image of the northeast through selling high quality art and crafts. The ANT wants to improve the infrastructure of their Rowmari campus and the Aagor Chapaguri store. They wish to purchase a genset, install solar powered lights and undertake security fencing at these sites. The cost for these capital investments is approximately Rs.6.5 lacs. YVO channelized the donation received for the month of August 2018 towards this infrastructure expenditure.