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Feb 1, 2020

About the Charity

Vishvanidam Public Charitable Trust, established in 2002, is a result of the tireless efforts of Jitendra Vadoliya towards the upliftment and overall development of slum areas. Their dream is to eliminate slums in Rajkot by developing awareness of education, family planning and self-sustainability. They try and fulfil their long-term needs for education, skills and emotional support, as well as their short-term needs for nutrition, health and shelter. Raiyadhar, one of the biggest slums in Rajkot, housing about 5000 families, is located on the north western outskirts of the city. Vishvanidam runs a stitching and knitting class in Raiyadhar for the women of these slums where both training and production is taken up as a part of their vocational training. Vishvanidam is in the journey of adding a beauty parlour course to their training curriculum in the same premises.

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YVO Impact

YVO channelized the donation received for the month of August 2017 towards equipping Vishvanidam with furniture, machines and equipments required for commencing the beauty parlour course and also 5 sewing machines, which will be used for their existing training classes. The training equipment for beauty parlor course and sewing machines setup with your donation will help impact the lives of about 160 women and their families every year by empowering them with a means of living.