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Feb 1, 2020

About the Charity

Rescue Foundation is a registered, non-profit, grass root NGO involved in rescue, rehabilitation & repatriation of victims of human trafficking trafficked from India, Bangladesh, Nepal and subjected to Commercial sexual exploitation in India. These young victims have lost all their human rights as they are physically and mentally tortured to force them to involve in sexual activities. Rescue Foundation ensures that these girls regain all their human rights by rescuing them from the inhuman situation and rehabilitating them. What is YVO's contribution to 'Rescue Foundation'? The trafficked girls are poor and less educated hailing from the villages of India, Bangladesh and Nepal. To enable them to sustain lawfully in life, Rescue Foundation has established a Training Center at their Boisar Complex where they help these girls develop their skills and train them in various income generating courses such as arts & crafts, jewellery making, education, drawing, indoor games etc. Vocational Training is the most important part of the rehabilitation as unless these girls can sustain themselves lawfully, they are likely to be drifted back to unlawful means in life.

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YVO Impact

YVO channelized the donation received for the month of November 2016 towards equipping Rescue Foundation with 9 three-seater stainless steel tables with folding stools, which will be used by these girls for education during the vocational training and also for food consumption while having all their meals. "Infrastructure for Human Trafficking Rehab Centre in Boisar, Mahrashtra" - On an average about 125 girls are benefited at the Boisar Rehab Centre at any given point of time. Since stainless steel furniture last a lifetime, these 9 three-seater Stainless Steel tables with folding stools donated with your Rs.300 will help impact the lives of hundreds of lives of trafficked girls in the time to come.