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Feb 1, 2020

About the Charity

Founded in 2011, Mann is a centre for individuals with special needs located at Santacruz West, Mumbai which is dedicated to training adolescents and adults with intellectual disabilities, mental retardation, autism, Down's syndrome, learning disabilities and attention deficit hyperactive disorder. The faculty and core team at Mann believe that these students typically become capable of not just learning to be independent but in fact of taking earnings back home. Hence when students seek admission at Mann they are initially given admission at the Wellness Centre and trained to be graduated at the Employment Cell. Through Mann Wellness Centre, they provide generalized training as well as person-specific, job-specific, need-based, functional and vocational training to its students, to not only equip them with skills appropriate to their need, capacity and interest, but also makes sure that they simultaneously enjoy while they learn and get prepared for a more meaningful and independent life.

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YVO Impact

The Mann Employment Cell works with a proactive and able group of special individuals on activities such as stitching and tailoring, in house production of decorative products for the Mann Shop, clerical tasks such as filing and typing and other vocational trainings to create employment opportunities so that each of its students may eventually become financially independent. YVO channelized the donation received for the month of August 2016 towards equipping Mann with 3 tablets and musical instruments. The tablets which will improve the quality of training with the use of various apps designed for individuals with special needs. In case of non verbal students it proves to be a very effective teaching and learning aid as it helps enhance their communication through non verbal forms like gestures, actions, etc. The musical instruments will be extremely helpful for their sensory development. "Tablet based learning & Musical Instruments for individuals with special needs" - These 3 tablets donated with your Rs.300 will catalyse effective training and sensory development for about 90 individuals with special needs (from the age of 15 to 49), 75% of which are from the low socio economic background.