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Feb 1, 2020

About the Charity

In 1997, Dr. Ashish started MAHAN, the only NGO in Melghat (Amravati) providing medical care and health services to the tribal communities. Melghat is recognized as one of the most backward and malnourished areas in the country with a very high infant mortality rate, poor healthcare, extreme poverty, illiteracy, pathetic lifestyle and unhygienic practices. Because of poor infrastructure (road connectivity, transportation, communication, electricity) and lack of healthcare facilities in Melghat a lot of people die prematurely due to illnesses like alcoholic gastritis, chronic obstructive airway diseases, TB, hypertension, heart attack, pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, jaundice, carcinoma, animal bites etc. Tribals often succumb to traditional faith healers (known as bhoomka's) for treatment, who use cruel methods like "Damma" (burning the skin with red hot iron). MAHAN has taken up the initiative to train 2 voluntary local tribal female and 1 'Yuvadoot' as paid Village Health Workers (VHW) in each of the 100 tribal villages for early identification & treatment of illnesses in the village or in a nearby hospital. MAHAN is also carrying out various short term courses and refresher trainings for government and grass root workers of other NGOs.

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YVO Impact

YVO channelized the donation received for the month of January 2016 towards equipping 'MAHAN' with 2 laptops and a LCD Projector with a LCD screen for carrying out training programs for Village Health Workers (VHW). Equipments for Training Programs for Village Health Workers (VHW) - These training equipments bought with your Rs.300 will help MAHAAN train around 300Village Health Workers (VHW) in the next 3 years. It has a dual impact; along with building a health infrastructure for more than 2 lakh poor needy tribals, it also empowers these 300 trainees with a sustainable livelihood.