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Feb 1, 2020

About the Charity

Thinksharp Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation started in 2011 by a team of young passionate individuals from rural areas with different professional backgrounds but a common intent to give back to society by improving educational infrastructure in rural areas. ThinkSharp believes that every child has a right for better education and education alone is the weapon with which one can transform the individual, the society and the nation at large. Thinksharp Foundation initiated this project in rural areas called 'Study Mall' which is not just a study area and a library but also a growth centre for children and youth which aims at encouraging academic development, career growth, personal growth and skills development. Rural schools have very poor infrastructure. The Study Mall primarily fills this gap by providing the youth and children of these villages with a place to read books, study, learn and grow. The Study Mall is well equipped with books, e-books, games and toys. Volunteers and Supporters are appointed to engage the beneficiaries in drawing, writing and various other learning and extra-curricular activities for their overall development.

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YVO Impact

YVO channelized the donation received for the month of November 2015 towards helping 'ThinkSharp' setup a 'Study Mall' at Vangani by giving 15 tablets for e-learning, a projector, 500 books, 5 book racks, and various arts and crafts. Study Mall Setup - This Study Mall setup with your Rs.300 will impact the lives of 200+ youth and children of Vangani by equipping them with better educational and personal growth facilities.