About Us

We are an Indian non-profit organization that supports impactful change across the country

Our Mission

To be the social impact platform of choice for donors and young volunteers by showing them that even the smallest act can make a large impact to India’s development.

Our Vission

To enhance the lives of ovver 5 Crore individuals that are in need, by building a strong community of over 10 Lakh donors and volunteers by 2025.

Our Values

  • Accountability
  • Reliability
  • Impact
  • Transparency

YVO is delivering serious impact since 2014

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We’ve funded impactful charities projects across India

Our past donations have created large impact in various areas across the past years.

Our selection criteria to fund projects are:

Sustainable Impact In India

Our first criteria is to choose a cause that is focussed towards sustainability or reducing dependability in India.

The cause is legitimate and focussed

We make sure that the cause we are donating for is a SEC 25 or 80G company and is a minimum of 3 years old.

High Impact

The cause of the project should be highly impactful and touchthe lives of at least 100+ individuals.

Have impact on the right people

The beneficiaries of the NGO should be from the Low Income Group or Below Poverty Line