Young Volunteer's Organization

Donors trust YVO to ensure that their donations reach the right hands in the right way. Our NGO team at YVO completely understands the responsibility that comes with this trust and is totally committed to having a very stringent due diligence process for selection of not only the NGO, but also the cause towards which the donation will be made.

YVO's NGO team has set the following primary guidelines for the selection of the NGO:

  1. We shall prefer NGOs strongly referred to us by trustable individuals who have had extensive experiences of working with NGOs or by credible organizations such as Caring Friends, Karmayog, etc. since they have been visiting, assessing and assisting NGOs since many years.
  2. We shall study the annual statements/reports of the NGOs and prefer NGOs with admin costs of less than 25%, which means that more than 75% of the money received by the NGO should benefit the beneficiary directly. However at YVO, we donate the entire amount towards a specific cause, which means 100% of our donated funds benefit the beneficiary directly.
  3. We shall do a thorough self verification of the NGO which includes telephonic conversations and email communications with the core team of the NGO, evaluation and assessment of currently ongoing and already undertaken projects, study of catalogues and websites, online research, talking to references, talking to beneficiaries, etc. whichever more suitable, relevant and possible for each NGO.
  4. We shall prefer NGOs which are located in areas that can be visited by our representatives with a day visit. We shall try visiting these NGOs twice, once before the donation for physical due diligence and one surprise visit after the donation to ensure optimum utilization of the donation. In case the NGO has come with a very strong referral and is difficult to visit, the donation shall be made to the NGO on the condition that they shall share all required proofs of donation like photographs, videos, documentation, etc. online.
  5. We shall ensure that the NGO agrees to be answerable to us since we are answerable to our donors and co-operates with complete transparency by promising to share all proofs of donations (quotations, receipts, invoices, photos, videos, etc.) and promises to give periodic updates of the activities and share details of beneficiaries.
  6. We prefer to not do donations to any NGO in which any of our YVO Volunteers have any vested interest.

YVO's NGO team has set the following primary guidelines for the selection of the cause:

  1. Any good cause/donation that will stay with the NGO for a long period, change multiple lives for good and make the beneficiaries self sustainable is an ideal fit.
  2. We have identified a few kinds of donations that we would prefer not doing:
  3. We prefer not to undertake any dependable donations, eg. donating food, clothing, medicines, etc. (Except in special cases where we are convinced that the beneficiary has no choice but dependability).
  4. We prefer not to give any cash donations against which a specific cause is not identified (Except in cases where the collection amount is higher than the equipment cost identified for the cause and there is some small difference. In such cases the differential amount can be given as cash corpus donation, only if it does not fit into any other specific activity in the same NGO. (Example - Our collection for the month of March 2015 was Rs. 69,300. The 3 Computers that were bought by the NGO were for Rs. 57,900. Balance Rs. 11,400 was given as corpus donation).
  5. We prefer to not donate for any non human causes.

Please Note: These guidelines have been set by us based on the consensus of all members of the NGO Team at YVO. We shall try and identify NGOs and causes that fulfil most of these criteria, if not all. These are subject to change in case we face certain circumstances that demand a change in this constitution, after approval and consensus from all team members of the NGO Team at YVO.