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The Capitalist Humanitarian - Sneh Jain

I am not an active do-gooder. I am not a NGO activist. I am not a jhola-carrying save-the-world guy. I am a Capitalist Humanitarian!

I am young, driven and exceedingly ambitious. I am an entrepreneur trying to build a business. I don't have time to do good for society. I am too busy trying to do good for myself.

True. True. True. However, it is also true that no ambition can take away the pure unadulterated happiness one feels when we do good for someone more needy. My best memories of my childhood birthdays are when my mom would take me to a boys shelter near home to distribute chocolates, toys, blankets. It made me feel an emotion deep inside which still gives me goosebumps.

Does this want me to renounce this capitalist world and save mankind? No. Rest assured, I still want my name established in the corporate world, I still want to own a Ferrari, I still want to travel the world, but I also want to give back.

This is why I am a Capitalist Humanitarian. A Capitalist first and then a Humanitarian. Dictionary meanings:

Capitalist - a person who uses their wealth to invest in trade and industry for personal profit
Humanitarian - a person who seeks to promote human welfare
Contradictory? Not really...

Many would think this is not right - how can I be thinking of myself and society at the same time? My question to them is that do all of us need to be ascetic and lead a simple life to do good. Bill Gates has the opportunity to be one of the world's foremost donors today due to his wealth and position in society. What came first in his life - his wealth or his donations?

I do not want to wait till I'm old, successful and wealthy before I decide to give back. In this age of capitalism sometimes bordering on greed, I would like to feel the same unadulterated happiness I felt as a child as I turn 30. Why should my current busy schedule limit my ability to give back? Yes, I do not have unlimited funds or time to contribute a lot. However, can I join hands with other ambitious youth to do our bit?

Hence, I am part of Young Volunteer's Organization (YVO), a group of young professionals eager to contribute and make a difference to the society on all of our behalf. Using an unique crowd-funded approach, every month Rs. 300 gets automatically debited from each member's account. Nothing more, nothing less. With our member database increasing exponentially, this enables YVO to make a sizable donation of a few lacs every month without any admin charges to a NGO doing exemplary work that has been thoroughly scrutinized for credibility. To ensure transparency, the entire bank statements and details of donation are updated on the website every month.

I am lucky to be part of the minority who has the support and means to try to fulfill my ambitions. However, by spending an insignificant amount of time and money every month, I am able to give back in my own small way. And with the help of a passionate team of like-minded people, create a happy change in someone's life.

Every month when I receive the donor email, I feel the same goosebumps I felt as a child going to the boys shelter.

I do it because I owe. If you feel like you owe too, write to us on