Young Volunteer's Organization


When I realised Y V Owe!

It was a beautiful sunny morning after the rainy night and I was indulged in my favorite flavor of tea..Ginger and Lime. Looking around my beautiful house I felt so obliged and have a kitchen with enough varieties of food available, a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories, a lovely little angel who is going to the best school of the town, an adoring husband and an amazingly supporting family.

Do I really need anything else?? I think NO.. Though my husband claims that I need a new hairstyle as this one is very old and boring J .. but that's it??? Yes.. that's it. I closed my eyes to thank God to bless me with such a wonderful life..I sighed!

I opened my eyes, infact my eyes actually got opened witnessing that sight from my balcony.. on the other side of road, two barefoot and half naked kids were fighting over a piece of bread.. I could see the frustration on the mother's face who was trying to settle them up but fruitlessly. The father was ignoring it as he was busy in a more important work.. He was trying to rearrange his JHUGGI, which got almost destroyed; yes.. I then realized how awful that rainy night would have been for them.

My daughter who was of same age of those children, had gone to her school after having her favorite breakfast and here what not they were struggling for.. a roof, a meal, education, health and hygiene.

Something broke inside and I suddenly felt deficient infact guilt. Could think and visualize of thousands of other people who were in same miserable circumstances.. suffering from poverty, starvation, poor health conditions, disabilities, forcefully imposed customs and traditions, illiteracy, unhygienic lifestyles etc. They were in such situations only because they were not as fortunate as we are.

They struggle to gather food for their kids when we probably throw pizzas in our dustbins. They hardly get clean water to drink and we spend like crazy in flavored coffees. They die because they can't afford the cure and we visit expensive hospitals even at the event of a normal fever and cold. This was disturbing.. really very disturbing L.

That day I met with a newself of mine, who wanted to contribute something to make at least a few lives little less miserable and little less unfortunate. I knew there were many Non Profit Organizations available I could volunteer for and infact I met a few also but somehow could not convince myself to be a part of them because of lack of transparency and some times lack of aggression in the team.

My lookout for an NGO was on however I started doing a bit in my own ways I could. It made me feel the pleasure of donating time or money to a worthy cause that makes a positive difference in the world.

Though discovery of my newself was amazing but it wasn't complete. And one day during the regular official activities, though a very good friend I came across to this wonderful organization "YVO".. the Young Volunteers Organization. I was really amazed seeing the passion in the team to jointly change the society with their unique, transparent and cooperative concept. I dint take a minute to join this dynamic team of young volunteers who were on a mission to bring a change.

YVO is formed on a concept of "small drops of water create an ocean"

It's an awesome platform where everyone contributes a tiny amount of just Rs. 300 a month, which collectively gets translated into a few lacs every month. The 100% of the collected fund gets transparently donated towards life changing causes like literacy, women empowerment, hospitals, orphanages and NGOs. But the selection of a cause or an NGO undergoes a very tedious process of auditing to ensure the proper use of the funds. And to ensure the same to the donors the entire bank statements and details of donation are updated on the website every month.

Its really awesome to see that with such a small act of giving 300 Rs a month, we can bring a very big impact. Infact I found it to be the most inexpensive way to make a difference.

I have realized that supporting others is a part of the human experience and one of the things that makes human beings, actually a human.

I have discovered my newself.. Have you? I have joined YVO.. When will you?

Say hello to your newself and join YVO because we really owe. Write to us on or call on +91 7045491925