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Happy Womens Day

YVO's BIG IMPACT NO. 1 - SNEHALAYA - Maulik Unadkat

With Rs. 40, you can either buy an apple or you can buy a lot of apple seeds and plant them to make a garden full of fruit bearing trees. At YVO, we have decided to plant seeds instead of buying fruits.

With Rs. 300, you can either buy a meal for a few women in need, or you can change the lives of hundreds of women forever. Unreal? How can you change the lives of hundreds of women forever with Rs. 300 only? Read on.

What exactly is YVO?

YVO is Young Volunteer's Organization, a group of young enthusiastic professionals who have volunteered to dedicate a small amount of their time every month to channelize a small amount from everyone, i.e. Rs. 300 only and make sure every penny reaches the right hands in the right way and makes a big difference.


With international womans day just round the corner, we chose women empowerment as our big impact no. 1. YVO was humbled to have around 160 giving hands in its very first month, each of whom trusted us to make sure their three hundred rupees reaches the right hands in the right way. So what did we do with the close to Rs. 50000 that we received? We could have bought a hygienic meal for hundreds of women with this kind of money and solved the biggest problem they face each morning, 'will I get something to eat today or will I go to bed starving?'

But we could have solved their problem for only that one day. What next? And that is exactly why at YVO, we have decided to plant seeds and not buy fruits. We decided not to buy them a meal; we decided to teach them how to earn that meal for themselves, day after day for life. We decided to go to the root cause of the problem and solve it right there. We decided to empower these women with new means of living with the help of Snehalaya.

Snehalaya is a new home for the abandoned women and children of society in Ahmednagar. Snehalaya does excellent work at grass root level. They have activity centers called Bal Bhavan across various Ahemadnagar slums. These centers are run by rehabilitated sex workers and Snehalaya volunteers, who impart vocational skills to underprivileged women and children. YVO decided to channelize the donation received for the month of February 2015 towards equipping these centers and the in-house vocational training center of Snehalaya with 4 embroidery machines. This will have a two-fold impact:
  1. Most of the problems such as women exploitation, child labor, drug addictions, prostitution, robbery, etc. have their seed in poverty. These embroidery and stitching skill sets will equip the slum dwellers with a new means of making a living and solve the root cause of all their problems, POVERTY.
  2. The sale of the products manufactured with the help of these embroidery machines will act as a new source of revenue for Snehalaya and help them support more and more underprivileged women and children.

With your Rs. 300, YVO has planted a seed at Snehalaya, which will grow into a garden of fruit bearing trees soon. With your Rs. 300 we have initiated an act that will empower hundreds of women and children to earn at least Rs. 300 a day on their own for the rest of their life and stand on their own feet. We promise to make a difference in their lives.

YVO is a two way promise. Donors promise YVO to contribute Rs. 300 every month which will eventually translate into a collective fund of lacs of rupees. YVO promises it's donors that every penny will reach the right hands in the right way.

YVO will very selectively and transparently donate these funds to an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) or a Charitable Trust in India that promises to work towards life changing sustainable humanitarian causes like poverty, woman rights and woman empowerment, child abuse, health, social welfare, right to education, human rights and overall social development. Bank statements and all details of where and how the donation money was spent will be uploaded on the website,

Life is a privilege, not a right. This life and everything that you have in life is gifted to us by someone else directly or indirectly. Whatever you are today, you owe gratitude to a lot of factors. The more gratitude you feel towards life and all the gifts of life, the more you will realize that it is your responsibility to return the favor. The "Art of Living" is hidden in the "Art of Giving". YVO has a vision to raise the standard of giving in India. We are all born equal yet unequal and YVO promises to drive this social change of getting that equality back.

Be grateful for what you have. Live to Give. Every time you make someone's life a little better, your life will get a lot better.

We want to make this world a better place. WHY? Because WE OWE! Join YVO.

On International Womans Day 2015, YVO dedicates its Big Impact No. 1 of WOMEN EMPOWERMENT to all women.
Happy Womans Day.